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Alliance Against Political Prosecutions AAPP Canberra

AAPP is a coalition of groups and individuals advocating for truth and open justice in our legal system;

AAPP applauds the Attorney-General’s decision of 8 July 2022 to discontinue the prosecution of Bernard Collaery;

AAPP applauds the Albanese Government’s decision to implement a National Anti-Corruption Commission, but call for it to have public hearings and a wide remit with no limits on retrospectivity;

AAPP supports whistleblowers and others, whose actions result in serious wrong-doing being brought to public notice, with particular reference at this time to the political incarceration and charges against Julian Assange and charges against whistleblowers David McBride and Richard Boyle;

AAPP opposes the use of secret hearings in such trials – transparency and open justice should remain a high priority in our justice system.

AAPP condemns politically motivated prosecutions, demands the discontinuance of the cases against such people, and calls for the provision of appropriate financial restitution, for example, to Bernard Collaery and ‘Witness K’;

AAPP supports Julian Assange in his fight against extradition to the US and calls on the Australian government to provide every support to him to bring him home to Australia.

AAPP supports:

  1. investigations into the treatment and also protection of those who have disclosed or do conscientiously disclose, or report on, government or corporate wrongdoing in the public interest;

  2. investigations into the formulation, definition, and the positive/negative effects or impact, and the oversight of the national security legislation and practices that have emerged over the last two decades;

  3. a NACC investigation into the conduct and decision making for the 2004 bugging by ASIS of the Timor-Leste government offices to gain advantage in the oil and gas negotiations at the time.

 AAPP Co-Convenors:  Marie Ryan, Craig Andrew

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