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Belgium4Assange brings together organizations and individuals in Belgium who are committed to Julian Assange and the causes he defends. Marc Molitor (journalist), Delphine Noels (director), Pascale Vielle (Professor), Bogdan Zamfir (actor) are his most active representatives.

Belgium4Assange has participated in various actions:
– Appeal to the Belgian government signed by 300 Belgian personalities (
– Academic Honoris Causa awarded to members of Wikileaks, with Carta Academica
– Home of the work ” Anything to say ” by Davide Dormino Place de la Monnaie in Brussels, with the Comit√© Free Assange Belgium
– Symbolic baptism of the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels in “Place Julian Assange”.
– The famous Facebook series, “Wanted” (author: Delphine Noels), that tells the life of Julian Assange in 34 episodes showing the different facets of his personality and allowing us to understand the stakes of his trial (Also available on “Pour” :

The episodes of Wanted are written in French, but are freely available in French and German versions on request.

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