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Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition (@SAWCSydney)

Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition (@SAWCSydney) from Sydney formed in 2011 to oppose the political persecution of Julian Assange and the attempts to shut down WikiLeaks.
@SAWCSydney is a non-partisan, inclusive group. We welcome anyone who shares our aims to join us:
SAWC supports Julian Assange’s right to stand for election but SAWC is not affiliated to, and has no other formal relationship with, the WikiLeaks Party, nor any other political party.
Individual SAWC members are free to join and hold office in a political party if they choose to do so, where they may seek support for Julian Assange’s case or for WikiLeaks as they see fit.
SAWC raises funds to cover its own costs and to make donations from time to time to Julian Assange’s legal defence fund or to the WikiLeaks publishing site.
We organise regular actions, such as rallies and forums, to raise awareness and put pressure on the Australian government to act on behalf of Julian Assange.
Like our page and follow us on twitter to find the latest action in Sydney and Australia

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