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Northern Rivers NSW 4Assange

The sole aim is to further the cause and global network in the pursuit of justice and freedom for Australian citizen and UK political prisoner Julian Assange.

This is not a space for debate, opposition or hostility to the following propositions ;




Anything other than support for Julian will not be tolerated and consequently will be deleted.


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Events from this group

No Extradition Bring Julian Home!

Mullumbimby NSW NSW, Australia

With Mr John Shipton ,Gabriel Shipton and Ciaron O,Reilly Mullum Civic Hall

No Extradition Bring Julian Home!

Byron Bay NSW 37 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

with Mr John Shipton,Gabriel Shipton and Ciaron O'Reilly Marvell Hall, Byron Bay

Extradition Hearing Decision Day

Byron Bay NSW 37 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

To build public awareness of the decision about to be handed down on 4th January regarding the application by the US government to extradite Julian Assange.

Vigil For Assange’s 50th Birthday

Byron Bay NSW 37 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Gather to mark the day and note that Australian citizen ,journalist , publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange has been deprived of his liberty for 20% of his life for doing his job . Gather to call for his immediate release and to be given the opportunity to return home.

Lismore Stands to Free Assange

Lismore Memorial Baths, Molesworth St, Lismore, NSW, Australia

Lismore Stands 2 Free Assange Saturday 18th March 11am Lismore Memorial Baths Molesworth Street Speakers: Welcome to Country - TBC Graham Dunset (prominent Australian cultural and political activist) Eddie Lloyd (Lawyer, Humanitarian, Environmentalist) Kym Staton (Director of 'Free The Truth: Free Assange' Documentary). Featuring; Letter writing and drawing stations to send Julian Assange our thoughts […]

Film & Fundraiser for Military Whistleblower David McBride BYRON BAY

Marvell Hall 37 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

David McBride faces a secret trial on November 13 for allegedly leaking classified defence material to the media. The material later formed the basis of “The Afghan Files”, a 2017 ABC expose revealing allegations of misconduct by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. Now, the whistleblower faces the rest of his life in prison for simply doing his […]

Lismore Whistleblowers & WikiLeaks Double Feature Film Night

Star Court Theatre 126 Molesworth Street, Lismore, NSW, Australia

Who stopped the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Whistleblowers & WikiLeaks! First film: Declassified: David McBride Runtime 35 min Declassified explores David's daily struggle with mental health, compounded by the looming threat of reprisal at the hands of a punitive government. Second film: Incident in New Baghdad Runtime 35 min This film centers around U.S. […]

#Fight4 Assange Vigil

Mullumbimby NSW NSW, Australia

Awareness of Appeal Application hearing UK High Court 20-21February