US Presidential Pardon application presently before the Biden Administration. However Biden should simply #dropthecharges.

Excerpt:  “Mr.Assange should be granted a pardon to cover the conduct at issue in the pending criminal case against him and any other conduct prior to the pardon grant that could be the basis for criminal charges against him in the United States. Mr. Assange is being prosecuted for his news gathering and publication of truthful information that exposed war crimes committed by a prior Administration. Love or hate WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has performed a valuable public service by exposing political corruption, government misconduct, and corporate malfeasance all over the globe. The prospect of criminally prosecuting Mr. Assange has been divisive and controversial through successive Administrations.His indictment has already had a chilling effect on press freedom in the United States. His prosecution is inconsistent with First Amendment values and harms the political andmoral standing of the United States abroad. He has suffered tremendously for fighting the establishment. His life is now at serious risk as he suffers in lockdown in a high security prison in the midst of coronavirus outbreak. He has already been confined far longer than any other person charged or convicted under the Espionage Act. He should receive a pardon.

Read the full application here.