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Hobart Assange Campaign

Hobart, Australia.


Tena, Ecuador.

Team Assange Sydney

Marrickville, Australia.

Perth for Assange

Perth, Australia.

Perth, West Australia based page that organises action in support of jailed journalist, Julian Assange. We do street based and online action aimed to raise awareness and pressure for his release.

Australian Assange Campaign

Hobart, Australia.

Assange Alliance

Maroochydore, Australia.

Freedom - Truth - Peace We are the Ninety Nine Percent, combined we are Power of the People, a global collective that is capable of ending global injustice and mass suffering.

Blue Mountains for Assange

Katoomba, Australia.

Blue Mountains for Assange hosted the Home Run 4 Julian tour (Mar 2020) and Blue Mountains premiere of 'Ithaka' and Q&A with John Shipton (March 2022). We organise vigils, chalkings & a weekly stall.

New Zealanders For Julian Assange

Mangawhai, New Zealand.

New Zealanders for Julian Assange

Free Assange Wave

Ixelles, Belgium.

"Free Assange Wave" is a non profit organisation which looks to enhance awareness of press freedom through organising activities such as lectures at universities about Julian Assange.

Italiani per Assange

Roma, Italia.

Gruppo rivolto ai cittadini italiani a difesa di Julian Assange e della libertà di informazione.

Aotearoa 4 Assange

Parihaka, New Zealand.

We are committed to the New Zealand Government leading the way home for Julian Assange by welcoming him to our shores.

Alliance Against Political Prosecutions

Curtin, Australia.

AAPP supports Julian Assange in his fight against extradition to the US and calls on the Australian government support him and to urge the US to drop the extradition request and all charges.

Free Assange Munich

München, Deutschland.

We are demonstrating peacefully for the freedom of Julian Assange every 1st Sunday of the month 2pm, Proffessor-Huber-Platz, Munich. Please feel free to join, and make your voice heard...

Free Assange Duesseldorf

Düsseldorf, Deutschland.

Miami, United States.

Free Assange and Snowden to live where they desire without charges or retaliation. Free all other Targeted Individuals - stop the attacks and harassment - ban neuro-torture and demand Nuremberg II

Free.Assange.Belgium Namur

Namur, Belgique.

Nous sommes un petit groupe qui faisons connaître l'injuste et dramatique incarcération de Julian Assange et réclamons sa libération


Mangawhai, New Zealand.

New Zealanders working to free Julian Assange.

Team Assange London

London, United Kingdom.

We do a fortnightly podcast with Assange activists from all over the world, exchanging ideas, letting each other know what we've been doing lately, and inspiring and supporting each other.

Julian Assange Berlin

Berlin, Germany.

Adelaide for Assange

Seacombe Gardens, Australia.

ASSANGE WEEKLY GATHERINGS! From 4:30 pm EVERY TUESDAY, you will find members of Adelaide for Assange at 19 Gouger Street, Adelaide, in front of Penny Wong's electoral office.

Candles4Assange Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany.

Free Assange Ulm

Ulm, Deutschland.

We are doing vigils at Ulm every fortnight.